Be the Light Prompts Sharing of Self

In December, 2016 I launched Be the Light. The project is a three dimensional expression of individuals casting light into the darkness.

When each light shines, we can illuminate an entire community. The experience reminds us that we all have special and unique qualities to offer the world.

At a time when so many feel isolated, rejected and confused, we hope that honoring the light within ourselves and sharing it with others will open us up and connect us as a community. 

ABC7 Emmy-Winning Coverage

What kind of impact does Be the Light have on its participants? Some people found a place for healing, others found a spot for reflection on the gifts of life. Check out reporter Jay Korff's Emmy-winning story to get a taste of Be the Light's impact.


Bring Be the Light to Your Next Conference or Event

Contact me to learn how you can host Be the Light at your next conference or event. Your participants will write powerful declarations and light candles to symbolize their commitment to change.


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